Korean Manufacturer of Clutch Drums, Floor Locks(Stopper), Clamps, etc.

K.Y. Corporation is...

K.Y. Corporation is Korea based auto components manufacturer.
Since we established 1999, we are making best effort to satisfy client’s needs.

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Our Products are...

We are specialized in auto components such as drum clutches as well as stoppers we called floor lock.
We supply the customized products in response to client’s needs, too.

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Clients Service

We continuously invest technology development, factory automation and zero defect movement.
If you need our supports, feel free to contact us.

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Our Products

  • Fixed Clamp #2Fixed Clamp #2● FIXED CLAMP   ● DESIGNED FOR Ø48.6
  • Clutch Drum #2Clutch Drum #2● Drum Ø78 x H24       ● SHAFT SIZE: Ø15                   ● M7*P1.0 DP23
  • AL Wheel 250 inchesWheel 250 inches● STEEL WHEEL: Ø250   ● WIDTH: 50
  • Half Clamp #1Half Clamp #1● HALF CLAMP      ● DESIGNED FOR Ø42.7 & Ø48.6
  • Fixed Clamp #1Fixed Clamp #1● FIXED CLAMP   ● DESIGNED FOR Ø42.7 & Ø48.6
  • S/W Caster 6" & 8"S/W Caster 6″ & 8″● WHEEL SIZE: Ø200             ● TOP PLATE: 158 x 114         ● MAXIMUM LOAD: 400KG
  • Clutch Drum #5Clutch Drum #5● Drum Ø78 x H25      ● SHAFT SIZE:Ø17                   ● Ø7xN7x0.8
  • Road ClampRoad Clamp● ROAD CLAMP   ● DESIGNED FOR Ø42.7 & Ø 48.6
  • Al Wheel 150 inchesAl Wheel 150 inches● STEEL WHEEL: Ø150   ● WIDTH: 36